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The Refuge Church

Welcome to the Refuge Church! We are a Non-Denominational Church service.
Our hope is that as you are out camping and would still like to worship the Lord on Sunday without leaving the campground, you would come and join us.
It is a time of Worship, Hearing the Word of God, and Encouraging each other in the Lord.
It is a very simple service and our goal is to Lift up Jesus!
Our Service begins at 10 AM. (Shortly after the "Frog Jumping contest")
We follow the service with a Potluck every Sunday - which you are welcome to join. If you would like - you can bring a dish to pass. Everyone is welcome even if you cannot make the service!
Pastor John and Glenda Kalebaugh
                      A Little History of The Refuge

The Refuge has been named only as of 2005. Originally named Mendota Hills Praise Service, it was started in 1990. We started seasonal camping in 1987 and needed a church service at Mendota Hills. It started off very casual (and still continues that way today) and with the permission of the owners we decided to start the service. After the first year,the Christian Celebration Weekends began with Nashville singers Terri and Barbi Franklin.

The service was coined the "Refuge" a few years ago from different campers and it stuck. It is a place of refuge for many. A time to get away for a weekend or a week. If you are not used to church, you might find ours pretty comfortable. It is a place where you can learn something about the Bible and spiritual matters. We are all looking for God, but get confused by all the different teachings from the media and other sources. We teach from the Bible and try to stay grounded to Biblical Truths.

In 2005, Pastor John Kalebaugh, his wife Glenda, and their children joined us as part of the church family. He is a Godly man and lives a life he teaches.

We hope you are able to join us and find "Refuge" at our campground!

Mark & Sue Rogers, Owners

To contact The Refuge, write to:mendotahillscamp@aol.com


Every 4th Sunday we visit the local Nursing home for songs and a word. Everyone is welcome young and old.



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