Rental Golf Carts!

With over 2.5 miles of campground roads, many campers enjoy the ease of riding around in their own golf cart. Call before your arrival to make sure you have a ride for your family.

Weekend (48 hours) from Friday to Sunday$130
Holiday (72 hours) from Friday to Monday$180
Two Weekdays (48 hours) between Sunday and Thursday$60
Add-a-day (24 hours)
Only when combined with one of the above offers
$30 per day

Rental policy

  • $25 non-refundable deposit is needed for a golf cart rental
  • Must have a valid drivers license upon arrival
  • Only those with a valid drivers license may operate the cart, no children may drive
  • No driving on the forest trails, only roads and grass areas of the camp ground
  • Any misuse of golf cart may results in loss of privileges

Interested in reserving a cart?

Contact us at 815-849-5930 or
Emailing does NOT guarantee a cart. We will respond to your request as soon as possible to confirm availability.